Thursday, 28 February 2013

Iestyn's Birthday!!

It's Iestyns birthday my boyfriends nephew, it's his birthday soon so we made him a drawing, he is batman which was drawn by Ieuan and I drew Cai which is his brother and ieuans other newphew hehehhe!!we hope they like it :) Happy Birthday yay :D

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wonders of the World

Heres George he spends a lot of time wondering and pondering the thought of becoming a wizard, he knows he has some hard work ahead of him if he is to reach his goal!this was me experimenting with a new style, his legs are a little short :D

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hey why you running??

Heart love!!hehehhehe this is another sketch that deserved to be released into the wild and set free from my sketching book :D Crazy love heart :)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Dressing Room

These are backgrounds for my Stitch and Thread app thats currently in motion :D this is a boy version and girl version, I didnt take it too far with the changes mostly just colour adjustments for now. little carpet is kinda like an acting space for a character hence why there is like a random gap in case you were wondering :D


I am a total Freaking DIVA!!! lol drawing of the day wooohoooo now to crack on with some serious biz nissssss :)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The boy who never took his coat off!!

Here is Callum, he loves his coat, he wears it wherever he goes :) his super blue coat is a million sizes to big for him. at least this way it will last longer and fit him when he grows :D

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Oranges and Pens!!!

Wooohooooooo here is my first drawing in a while been so busy during the last well ages hehehehe because had so much on but finally had time to sit down and get some drawing done these two are warm up ones to get me back in the groove hopefully be popping stuff up a lot more often :) working on the stitch and thread project, and some other bits so hoping to kick some butt :D woot woot!!!!

Well hey there I'm a pen hehehhehe these are some sketches that sat in my little sketchbook for a while so felt they deserved to reach my blog!!should be more being popped up soon I hope!!woop woop!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Saloon Brawl Game Assets

Ok I am finished with my instant saloon brawl blarbbbbb that just took place hehehehehe. One is a long banner and other is more of a promotional image for the game that you can press the play button to go straight to the game.

Saloon Brawls some signs :)

Here are two signs I made ones a button for when you want to play the game and the other was a game title. I used Photoshop to add the textures and there built in illustrator :D

Monday, 18 February 2013

Saloon Backgrounds!!

wooohoooooo backgrounds these were for the Miniclip project again, all are based on the actual saloon brawl game just drawn in Illustrator :D

These are four of the backgrounds which I also used for the short animation that I did :) it was meant as a short piece to entice people to play. The top is based on being the outside and wanted to make it look quite an epic sunset then the inside is based on the inside of the saloon in the game :D these were quite fun to put together spent a while fidling with colours to make sure all the wood didn't clash and such :D

Saloon Brawl Characters

Here is some character work for a re design thing I did for Miniclip, it's an awesome game they have called Saloon brawl so basically I was making a short promotional animation then some promotion images for it as well, had so much fun working on it though think its because had a chance to really get into the drawing zone, its also part of the reason my blog has had some serious tumble weed rolling through hehehe I am totally going to get drawing crazy soon though hehehe ok that is enough of that hehhehe.
Oh should also mention the top character is the main one designed by Miniclip which I interpreted into a different more flash friendly style, then the four characters here I created myself to fit into the saloon game they are his enemies for his brawling activities.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cake Making and valentines!!

 Happy Valentines wooohooo this is a little late but hey still here heheheh this be my strawberry and butter cream sponge cake with a chocolate ganache topping. Definatly eaten too much cake recently hehhe but it tastes sooo good.
Below is my card for my other half Ieuan hehehe had fun drawing this one may try and get a coloured digital versionn done if i find a moment free heheh we shall see :D

 Here are some snaps of cupcakes or butterfly cakes woop woop I made for a visit from some family members :D sadly drawing time has been reduced by busy busy things happening, if onyl days were longer or I didn't need to sleep hehhe!!anywho baking is fun!!!wooot woot!!!