Monday, 31 October 2011

IF: Scary

Happy Halloween everyone :)
I hope you have a day full of fun and scaryness :D
This is my illustration for the week, this is an evil vampire lady with her spooky red eyed cat and chuckly pumpkins :D ... this design was based on my halloween costume :D sadly i dont have a cat though i just want one :D

Sketching with friends

I was left with th joy of posting these awesome sketches by a very talented artist Amy we were chilling and drawing and as some words were thrown out this was created im sorry if this disturbed you in anyway but it had to be posted....hehehe ahhh drawing is fun

Friday, 28 October 2011

Trusty Doughnut and Spoon

Here is the finished illustration for The spoon and doughnut duo :) for an easy couplr of bucks they found a post for some advertising work.. they though it would be fun and realised they would have to wear costumes :O they actaully found it alot more fun than they thought they would though and brought loads and loads of customers to the sparkling spoon :D

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Todays character sketches

Here are my sketches of the day :) wohooooo one is donut and spoon inspired the other is a bit more halloween based(also it need some pimpage when i go digital with it :) Been trying to post drawings everyday but its harder than I thought lol so maybe every other day :D

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Halloween Boy

Here is a halloween drawing yay :) this boy wants candy but he didnt really wanna dress up so he decided to grab a pumpkin carve it out and put on his traffic light t shirt, he cheated a little bit :O

Life Drawing

Here be a little life drawing.. i realised I hadnt done it in ages so gave it a whirl :) these have little problems with them but honestly was great to be doing some life drawing again and just relaxing and sketching away defo going to try and do it more often :D

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

More development

yay development nearly flat coloured the whole thing just the sky and background bits then need to go over and put all the lighting in woohooo :) getting there though its taken so long :O and i have learnt that photoshop hates me so i have to svae every 5 seconds heheh oh dear :)

Caterpillar Costume

Here be Catherine :) Her friend was having a dress up as your favourite animal costume party and so she chose her favourite animal, the Caterpillar :) she used socks to make all the feet and added antenas onto her headband, it was an ambitious costume but she created it to perfection :) she took her best friend a cupcake that she made herself......there was a surprise for her though (the cupcake is actually made of bugs) :O

Monday, 24 October 2011

Background Progression

This is an adventure time background :) Here is some of my progression of the 'tutorial' that i have been working on to advance my background skills.... I finally finished all the line work so now im working on adding the colour...photoshop being my enemy crashed more times than I can remember :( so sadly didnt progress as far as I wanted today :) anywho yay progression :D

Charaacter Designs

So today i got back from big end from a trip home :) im crazy tired so decided instead of mega digital spent the day doing sketches :) i inked them up and there ready for me to do digital :) they all have a little backstory to them which explains some of the randomness :) but ill pop them up when the final images go up ..... I wanna start posting a few sketches up every so often to make me draw a bit more... then hopefully this week ill start working on my animation plans :D

Oh and sorry for the poor quality pictures :D

Saturday, 22 October 2011


This is Fiona and her fuel powered jet pack :) she loves to fly and decided to create her own fuel so she could make it energy efficient mega fast and super Awesome :).. she succceeded...but.... forgot one thing.... how she is going to stop??...heheh

Friday, 21 October 2011

Adventure time

ADVENTURE TIME is fully awesome in everry aspect and way hehehhehemwhwhwhwhehehhe ummmm yeah i love adventure time and after doing my adventure time inspired character drawing i decided to have a nosy at their artowrk and stummbled apon there insianly amazing backgrounds, which leads me on to the reason for this post.....

basically my background designing skills are not the best so decided to replicate my favourite background from adventure time to boost my skills and help me get to grips with this background buisness.... wheww umm yeah and this colour line thingy coz i allways put black line on everything which needs to stop :) um yeah so this is kinda an Adventure time inspired tutorial im doing..... and this is where im at currently line work woohooo :) gunna take a while before it even compares to the epicness of this background.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Cake and Cookie Adventure GO!!

Here be me and my frindiaus :) PURPLE VIOLETS yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

this be inspired Adventure time and all its awesomness :)

Vampire Boy

This is victor and he super duper loves halloween :) for it is the day he gets candy off everyone and anyone :) he spends the whole day gathering sugary goods and uses his older sisters pink wellies to fill with the candy so he can use his arms to scare people hehehehe :) hes not bothered that the wellies are pink because hes knows he looks super awesome and there only a storage device for the candy :D

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Clowns ahhhhhhhh

heheh here be clevland the clown :)... so MANY COLOURS hehehe im actually after creating this drawing that maybe zombie clown could be a fun halloween costume hheheheheh :) anywho yeah heres the coloured version of a previously posted line version of evil clown (hes not really evil i just have a small fear of them)


This is Tabitha and she loves teeth, she brushes them all day and all night so now her teeth sparkle when there in the sun :)... she never leaves the house without her toothbrush and toothpaste :) she has the earings aswell :D

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dad and his two girls :)

this is a drawin i posted a while ago that needed to be turned to the digital side :) this was done in photoshop, realised that i have done alot of photoshop sketches recently so mite pop back on illustrator and do a drawing on there or maybe be crazy adventurous and use coral painter :O lol anywho waffling away am i :D

Monday, 17 October 2011

Clowns with red noses

cLOWNS ahhh run and hide... lol cant say im a big fan of them but decided to draw one you know ripping the band aid of and all ... just need to buck up the courage to colour him up now :O hopefullly soon :D

Sunday, 16 October 2011


Here be my illustration Friday :).... this is me and my study area at home...all my work is scattered on the wall, theres drawings, schedules, and plans everywhere... all my current projects scattered across my desktop and im trying to keep a smile on my face after photoshop has just crashed on me about 4 times :) ... my laptop is proped on a watchmen toy due to exessive stress and the giant mug of coffee is keeping me sain ..... all in all a fun day spent drawing :D

Friday, 14 October 2011

..Unicorns love Amy..

This be a presnt for my buddy Amy :) she loves Unicorns :) coz there SOOO HAPPPPYYYY :) not entirely happy with this coz honestly my skills in drawing unicorns arnt as awesome as I would like.. but yeah this is what I did and think i may practise the art of the unicorn drawing :D

Thursday, 13 October 2011

little characetrs for fun

Here be an old design for three character staring at soemthing :O .. i was just playing with style a little and tried to build these characters in flash :) just to change it up a little and get back on the flash train :D

Paper Fun


This is the cloured up version of a perviously posted design :) wohooooo she loves paper and theres lots of paper involved woohooo :) hehehhe hope you like :D

She made her clothes herself :) then drew drawings on the paper to customize her design :)... its a bit awkward to walk around in and she can't sit down but it looks pretty impressive :) thats fashion if I ever saw it :D

Skater Boi

He was a skater Boi... said see you later boi... hehhe ahhh, yeah this is a drawing I needed to colour up so got my drawing grrove on and cracked on with it :) I love drawing character and well drawing anything really :D

I popped up some of the components for this so you have the two sets of line work.... then theres the finished background on its own :D

Animating walk cycle....

So... currently im working on a walk cycle thing for a character I have.... I was going to start working on it and realised WOW its been a while since I have properly flash Animated or done a Walk cycle so im refreshing my brain and giving it a fighting chance for success :D Here be an image of the keys I used for the cycle coz just getting my groove bak ... angry animator is a pretty cool site :) .. um but yeah there is an animation test aswell that I just did :)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

IF: Contraption

This is Callum, he super duper like crazy loves to cycle... but he also super duper loves music... so he hatched up a plan that led him to create a contraption that lets him cycle and play music at the same time :O its crazy i know.... he took all the different parts and attached them all to string... then when he pushes the peddles and pulls the string he can cycle and play music :D BEST DAY EVER!! :D

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

..Happy Birdthay Ieuan :) ...

Happy Birthday Ieuan :) 22 yesterday woot woot ... this is the design for the card I made him :D didnt have a chance to post it last night .. we had an epic surprise party an the whole thing went really well but was super crazy.... at least now I can crazk on with my drawing :)

Friday, 7 October 2011

IF - Hibernate final

This is Harriet she loves to study Hedgehog and their Habits... she loves to study Hibernation :) and why these animals hibernate....she continues on her search for the answer....

Here by my Illustration Friday sorry for my terrible lateness and my not so polished drawing :( ...... i used my skecthed line work then popped it into photoshop to add the colour honestly it could of used alot more polish but what can ya do when you have crazy flu :(

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Happy 18th Birthday Callum :D

This be the design for callums birthday card yay hes 18 today woohooo happy birthday :) .. wanted to work on my hibernate drawing today but popped home for birthday celebrations and now i think i have flu :( been in bed all day :( so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and ill get it done in the morning :D

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

IF - Hibernate

This is my illustration friday design im a bit late producing it this time but its coz im planning birthday things starting to get a bit crazy but yeah i sneaked some time in today to draw up my design for IF :D i love hedgehogs so thought it would be a cool one so yeah here is a cute little hedgehog with his human friend :D

Birthday Card Fun

Its my brothers 18th tomorrow.. which if you know me is super strange :O i member when he was little an honestly makes me feel super old but anywho i made him a card which is hand drawn then half coloured and i changed my mind and did it digitally but yeah here are a few close ups and ill pop the finished card tomorrow but here are a few close ups :D

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


This is Penny she entered a paper competitiong... they had to make their own paper planes :) she loves paper so much she made her whole outfit out of paper :O even her hat :)

this is one of my sketched hopefully il have some time to digitize this soon :D

Monday, 3 October 2011

...Sock puppet and leg casts :)

This is Sophie... she loves to play on her scooter but recently she fell off and hurt her leg :) its ok though shell be better soon. all her friends and family signed her cast and she loves it now :D, she feels like her leg needs some friends and help to balance her out so she made some sock puppets to make her baddy leg feel better.....she decided to name them frnak bob and harry.. she also has an obsession with moustaches :) lets be honest who doesnt :D

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Crazy sock puppet girl

This is sock puppet girl ill tell you more about her at a later date :) ... just drew this up straight into photoshop :O this is sadly exciting to me because normally i draw over scanned in sketches of mine but yeah tried something new and this is what I got..... my hand is actually dying now though so cant colour it up this evening :( so hopefully tomorrow or some time soon :D