Friday, 28 January 2011

.. newest walk cycle ....

This is a newer walk cycle :) it's definatly an improvement on the last one I did :) I am going to attempt to symbol this one up now like I did with the last one and hopefully it will look better.

Thursday, 27 January 2011


some eyes woohoooo :) gunna start going through my animtic now me thinks :)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


yay finaly finished the hands of doooooooooooommmmmm going to do another page or two but base the movement on the animatic :)
This was fun but took me ages I drew them up and dropped em in to colour and digitalize em up :) woohooooo arms lol

ful turnaround

Well this is sorta a turnaround basically I have tried to build her from every side and plonked em together :) yay im going to focus on certain parts involved in buiilding her :)...feel like I have done alot today :) yay

im running two p[rojects along each other at the mo hence why posting is a little slow but il be bak on top form soon...dont wanna post the stuff fpr my colab coz not sure if I can really but yeah enough talking :)

the body

These are the generic body positions I have produced... :) I wanted to cover the basica and later on I am going to go through the animatic and build up the keys frames :)

...head turn...

This is my attempt at turning the head...the3se arnt my best drawing but I have improved them a little and gunna make em look bit better :)

I'm attempting to build a sepctacular character build collection of stuff in illustrator so hopefully I can just droip em in my film and be done with them really :) which is rather fun so yeah currently focusing on the main character first and trying to break her down entirelly :) looking at doing the body and head then breaking this down further to eyes nose mouth hands arms leg feet and then well see how everything is looking :) yeah plenty more of the girl character to come :)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Next I am looking at doing the face from different angles I looked at how these turns were broken down and seperated the sections to see what I can use to make different angle of the face :)

I will post something other than this girl son i promise :)

Friday, 21 January 2011

final side character

This is the same design from the side :) I edited this to fit the front because i changed the hair...I found the new front version of my girl suited this side view much better which is what I was aiming for :)

final front character

This is the final breakdown of the girl now :) changed her face a little bit and i added more fringe, shorter hair with the little curl, made her eyes a bit smaller and some other things but yeah im happy with her now :)

hair :)

I wasn't happy with the hair that I gave my character bceause it was all blocky and I don't think it would animate very well. I raised her curl so it can flick when I animate it and I have loked at adding some pieces of hair to her face to animate these seperatly aswell anywho these are some designs I came up with and i'm still not 100% as to which one I ..... comment and let me know :)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

walk cycle

This be a rough walk cycle I am doing for my mcollebration project, im enjoying this project and it's nice to get back into animating. :)...... we have spilt up a load of shots for this approx 3 min animation. I am doing this front walk cycle im testing it out in flash and gunna draw the frames up in photoshop its [retty fun :) its a different style to what im used to aswell which is aweosme :)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

..building building building ...

just updating what I have been working on today :)

I'm looking at turning my character to get a feel for her from every side, I did the front then the side and I feel there is so much more character in the side image than the front so I may change the shape of her face so it's more of a box shape. :) development development go go go :)

....symbolled walk....

This is what I have done since the last test :) I wanted to test what the symbols would look like on top and I wanted to see if I could break the character down, I'm pretty happy with what I have done :)...there are alot alot alot of things wrong with this walk....I could list them but im not gunna lol ...this was my first test so im gunna go back to roughing now and try and do another one me thinks so I can iron out the kinks and make the break down of the character fit together pefectly :)

This is mega robotronic but I wanted to test the build before I concentrated on the full animation :) my next shall be fantastical hopefully :)

.me trying to build ....

This is a build I was diong i have been looking at ho to break her down to pop her in's wierd because Im finding it difficult to break her down, I though it would be easy but its because I want to make sure I dont do it wrong but I think getting into it and just having a go is probably the best idea and hopefully all will work out as planned :)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

...rough walk....

Yay animationnn woooohooooo woooohoooooo im so happy yay ...mega missed it to be honest.......i love to keep working on something and just see it progressing and moving and such ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

anywho this is a rough test I been working on ...and thought I would pop it up :) this is the first bit of animation I have done in a while and there are faults with it but its a start :)

Monday, 17 January 2011

illustration friday - chicken

This is my chicken girl :) she is in fancy dress for a dress up as a chicken party.. or it could be one of her disguises in my film :O..... story go go go !!

her name is emily and she has allways loved chickens when she was invited to go to a fancy dress party she knew exactly what she wanted to dress up as .... when she arrived at the party it turned out it was a posh dress code and not fancy dress, she was sad for a moment but then was happy because she had the best costume there.....for this day onwards she wore this costume everywhere and noone could get her out of it. :)

Friday, 14 January 2011

...character drawing....

This be a drawing of a character i drew a little while back I just drew her up as part of some of my buiness work k so thought I mite aswell pop her up on here :)

...buisness card ....

This was the final design I had for my buisness card, i liked the idea of the image relating for the back and the front of the card so the front is as if she is peeping somewhere and the information is in her hari and the other side is her tippy toes showing her peeping somewhere I was pretty happy with the design...hope you like :)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

....eliot kid ........

This is the coloured verison of the character drawing I did a while back :) fancied colouring it for the fun :)

...buildy building ... :)

Yay building things is fun :) i love using illustrator and cant wait to get cracking with building the characters.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


This be a test with the animation on top of the background. Just wanted to see if the framing worked and such :)

...few more prop designs....

Before I only had toys prop designs and yea I do need alot of them but needed some other bit and bobs aswell so yeah these rae a few more :)

...Expressions wooooooohooooooooo :) ...

These be the epressions for the main character of my film :) her name is emily ......pretty hapoy with this gunna clean all these up and build them in illustrator next :) im excited about animating and buidling things :)

...Final Style...

These were some insitus i popped together to show the final style I am aiming for for my film, Im pretty with the styleI have created :) Just neeed to animate now I cant wait.

...colour keys..

These are some of the colour keys for one of my character and one of my background, im trying to stick ot a one colour different shades per room thingy. :)

...colour scriptage :) ...

This was my attempt at making a colour script, imhappy with the basic colours but I want to do a more cleaned up one to be honest.... havn't posted in a while due to excessive amounts of work.... photoshopped wayy to many things if im honest...just handed in though so all done :)
yay..... :)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

...some digital layouts... :)

oh deary me been working on my backgrounds for a bit i fele they have been a little neglected ..wopsie :) anywho here is a few of them i digitzed the line work so its a bit clear...there won't be heavy black line on my background but i wanted to get a feel for what they would look like, I also wated the shaoes i used to be strong and bold. :)

Monday, 3 January 2011

...popping everyone together... :)

This is to show the characters to work as a whole...i popped the girl in the middle and then showed the evil and normal verison of the parents.. :)

.....mama costumes :) ....

woooooohooo the mum has clothes toooo :) I did the same three sets for the mum ...looking at a casual outfit, her smart clothes and her evil costume heheheh...i have called this character Emma and she is an Evil Mum :) ahhahahaha costumes... :)

Thes are clothes designs for the dad ....i have the main one which he will be wearing for most of my film and the others are his casual house outfit....the third one quite obviously is his villainous outfit..... hehhehehhe it says ED on it because his name is Edmund and he is one Evil Dad..... hehhehehhhe ahhhh made me giggle

Sunday, 2 January 2011

....coloured turnarounds...

these are the line ones that i popped up before :) .... and these are the coloured ones :) need to do the other characters now

Saturday, 1 January 2011

.....changing the line colour....

had some comments from friends so changed the colours of the line... did a full colour line one which have a darker shade than what they are surroudning .. i also did the full black and black lines with only the hiar line in colour.... overall im still not sure but I have time to think about what i wanna do :) tbh i quite like the black line because i like the harsh differnece to the background.

....some costume designs for the girl character :) ....

these are four design for some of the costumes i want the girl to be in for my film :) wanted to try and build a few in the same pose to see how they would look and if they would work :) hope you likey them :)