Tuesday, 30 November 2010

...Ooooooo illustrated characters :) ...... yeeeee

This be my characters built in illustrator wooohoooo :) thats taken me sooo much longer than i planned but its finally done my eyes hurts all i can see is dots :( tat was strangely fun though and feels better to be getting slightly more awesome at illustrator because I can see in these characters some things I want to correct. :) ahhh fun times eyyy.... :)

...the girl and her doll...

This be a rough image I difd of the girl character and her doll, i have stripped some of her detail in this but was quite happy coz i drew this straight into illustrator, im finding im getting really comfortable now the more I get used to the tools :)

The cleaned up image is there aswell :) I have been experimenting with trying to build them because I have been struggling to find the line quality that I liek the most but im pretty happy with the new style/look that is being created through illustrator and with some more trial and error hopefully the character builds for my final filma will be spot on and super animateable :)

....ahhhhhhh evilnesss... :)

This be anothe rshot sorta things for my after affects, done the base fot the background so working out some character stuff now to pop in......im not having alot of animation in this piece coz don't want to focus on that want to spend my time doing effects :) yeah anywho this is the shot showing my parents as evil villains, I found it quite hard to depict them as villains and not like burglar and murders yea this is what I came up with :)

Monday, 29 November 2010

...opening shot...

this be my opening shot gunna layer it up and sucvh and after effects it and mite make a few changes but yeah thats bout it ...oh i need to add a gate aswell :) hope you like

...up the stairs and hall of fame anyone??....

In my old house at home my parents had this wall of photos of my fmaily and it was the most embarrassing wall of my life but really nice at the same time so kinda stoles that for my title sequence heheheh :)

Im going to attempt fate and make these stairs 3D no idea if ill actually live through it but be fun to give it a go :)

Tis rather strange today coz im mega out of my comfort zone with backgrounds but enjoying it.

...the evilest kitchen.. :O

this be the evilest kicthen :O why you ask..... well you'll have to wait and fin out wont you :)

....my bkg for ma title sequence..

These are some of the background i have made for my title sequence...trying to keep them mega simple on here and want to play with adding lighting and textures on after effects...who knows if it will work but defo gunna give it a go tomorow.....

Thursday, 25 November 2010

...the coat rack room... :O

This is the second scene hehehe wooooohoooooo coat and hat rack soooo interesting lol.... I know looks prety plain but I plan to pimp it out in after effects lighting and camera angles and all that jazzzzzz :)... Oh and should probably explain the shoes.... yeeee I like em and want em and thought id throw them in..basically all these backgrounds are build in individual parts so I can pop em in together in AE coz I was playing around withthe whole 3D camera thingy :)

..title sequence - design work..

This is a design for my shot for my title sequence, basically the idea for it is it goes through the gate and travels up tho the front door and it opens :) im pretty excited about doing this now its pretty, got a chance to build my stuff in illustrator aswell which is nice coz itsbeen a while:) This is not the final design but a concept so I copuld experiment withe the cameras and such in after effects :)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

....3d camera projection..

This was yet another co-pilot tutorial, I really liked these ones you could produce some really awesome stuff :) this was basically a flat image that i made up a grid for and stuff and made it move and added lighting and stuff ..was really fun spent quiet a while on it but I think it's really useful to get to grips with how far you can push the tools in after effects.

...old footage effect...

This is yet another test I did using co-pilot, they show you how to add an old style effect to video footage I really like this effect and want to pops it into my work :)

sorry for the bad quality but this seems to be the best I could do :)

...shattering glass...

This was a tutorial I follwed from using the co-pilot website, im not gunna lie it took me a long while and ended up with so many layers but really enjoyed doing it .... yeah anywho started thye second week of this project now and gettgin to grips with the program and these are a few of the tests that i have done.... hopes you likes....sadly all test s that I have to show at the mo though coz we start creating 30 secs of after effects this weeek and next so looking forward to that :)

Saturday, 20 November 2010

..week 4 - my characters :) ...aka evil sausage :O

- This be the evil character, that becomes an obstacle for the girl.
- he is allwasy competting with the girl for the parents attention, he wants them to love him.
- He sees the girl as his sworn enemy.
- He is resonably intellagant but apparently not clever enough, when he gets in the way the doll and girl allways manage to avade him.
-He loves to play fetch and if you rub his belly he just cant resist rolling over.
- he may pretend to be evil but he just want to be loved ...bless him

..week 4 - my characters :) ...aka mega doll

•She is the sidekick character for the story
•The girl needs help to discover what her parent’s evil plans are and stop them from destroying the world and she needs the doll to help because she can’t do it alone.
•The doll only comes to life around the girl because she magical and the only person who can see her in her true form is the girl.
•She helps to initiate the plans and helps to hide it if the parents are curious as to what she is doing.

..week 4 - my characters :) ...aka the child

•She is Adventurous, imaginative and inventive. She always tries to find new ways of doing things and she loves to solve problems.
•She is always thinking and always fully alert and aware of what is around her.
•Very smart for her age, she is convinced her parents are villains and will do anything to prove it, sadly there’s always things getting in the way so proving it isn’t as easy as she thought.
•She is an outcast in school because the other children think she is a little bit weird
•She has such a large imagination, always making big adventures were ever she can and with whatever she’s doing.
•She takes her doll everywhere with her, it’s her only friend and the only person/object she can talk to.
•She does very well in school and she has a strong passion for history, she loves studying characters like Sherlock Holmes in her free time.

..week 4 - my characters :) ...aka mama

•Stay at home mum, still working though, she runs her own therapy sessions from the house in a cabin at the end of the garden. The girl is not aloud in the cabin because her mum keeps important things in there, this makes her very suspicious.
•She is a very friendly lady, constantly talking to all the neighbours, remembering birthday and all the holidays. She is head of the PTA meetings for the school, The girl thinks this is a cover for something else that she has been doing.
•She is very hard working and accomplished, having been through many jobs like being a nurse, she dabbled in flower arranging and pottery classes.
•She is young parent and very hip and trendy, she likes to keep up with the times but also manages to look sophisticated.

..week 4 - my characters :) ...aka dad

•He is a business man that works long hours all week and sometimes works a lot of overtime, which some people think is quite suspicious.
•He is your typical stereotyped man; likes his food (a lot of food e.g. 5 meals a day), tries to stay fit and love to watch television(mostly football).
•He is very short tempered and gets angry quite easily, he gets easily wound up by the girl because she is always moving his things and sabotaging him.
•He loves to watch the football every weekend and the girl always makes it difficult for him.

...week 4 - turnarounds..

These be the turnarounds i did this week minus the mum cos hers was horrible so im gunna redo it :) hope you likey

Friday, 19 November 2010

...week 4- coloured up poses :)

Here we go yay coloured chraacters pretty happy with the colours that i have chosen, I want to get a backgrouns done now so I can see how my characters work with this :) yeeeee im excited loves this project I do :) getting really into it now.......it's a bit sad that have to stop to do the after effecctys project but i think it be good to have a mini break from it and do some after effectsing hehehe ..... ye anywho characters woohooo :)

...week 4 - silouettes & line up...

Here be a siouette page of my characters, I drew them all up in new poses and in their new clothes and such and im pretty happy with these designs now, so feel im ready to move onto my turnarounds. I wanted to pop them together to see if the shapes all worked together and to the sizes of all the characters. I drew these into flash :O , these won't be the nes I use for the actual flash film though ....need to break them down better to animte them. I want to do some reserach into breaking them down because I wasn't happy with the breakdown that I did for my bump in the night film but yeah ill get on that the moment I have a chance. :)

...week 3 - little bit more :)...

These are some construction breakdown pages. I want to do another set of a more in depth breakdown of their faces to make sure when there animated that the proportions of the face stay the same coz when I started drawing out expressions I felt they were changing a little but yeah theres another thing for me to do yay :-)

...week 3 - on the sunday though so nearly week 4 :O

Designing my therapy patient yay :) Im pretty happy with this design im not gunna lie, it took alot of doodly sketchings but im not gunna lie I do like a good sketching session and developing characters is fun coz I find the more you develop it the better the design gets, I love creating characters. Anywho this be the final design for the patient in my story ...hope you likes it :)

...weel 3 final colours and clothes....

hese be the final poses that I chose for my characters. :) yay this was when I realised I needed to design the therapy patient, and I wanted to start on the turnarounds stuff :)

....Week 3 - clothes designs...

These be the clothes designs for my characters...I then choose the clothes that I liked the most :)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

week 3- Broken down line work

These are the builds that I hand drew into flash for my character, I want the character to have thick outlines but im not sure exactly how im going to get the effect I want because I want them to have thick and thin outlines and stuff...gunna figure this out soon and draw em up so can get a feel for the super final characters :)

...week 3- yay characters...

This is my group of character, and this is about the point I recahed when I realised I wanted to design another character as well. But this was an early on group image, which will definately be developed. This is because I feel the mum looks a bit young and the dad looks more like a grampa.

This be the final deisgn for my doll, I really likes her final design and i think she works really well with the girl :) May change the colours a bit and such but this is basically the final design.

week 3 - designing the doll :)...

Well basically for my doll I wanted her to be quite generic(funny word) beacuse I wanted her to be automatically recognised as a doll and I dont want the audience to be confused. So yea I started by darwing lots of dolls, then chose my favourite ones and popped them by the girl to see how they were working with her because she basically spends the whole of her time in the film linked to the girl character. From this then I developed these and did soem hand drawn sketches. I like to draw digitally but to reach my final sketch I love going back to the pencil, it's defo the bestest tool in the world and my bestest friend :)..... well joint first with my tablet pen :)

Straying off point a little here I apologise but yea the biggest drawing is basically my final design, I liked the contrast of her hair being tied up to the girl having long free flowing hair, I also wanted to put her in the generic barbie princess, floaty and fluffy annoying dress :)

I wanna animate now :)

week 3 - The DOG

This be the final design I went with :) the original drawing is here aswel coz I thought hey why not..... umm I think this is the colour I chose aswel coz I did a few variations.....im pretty happy with him...I did speak to my tutor and after attempting some expression sheets im not massively happy with his face so im going to try and go back to doing some construction and see if I can develop it a bit maybe later on :)... hope you like

week 3 - designing the other characters

...welll this week we had the dissertation at the beginning of the week so lost a bit of time from this :) ...once this was doen I cracked on with designing the character that I had neglected, e.g the dog and the doll...and the therapy patient that I now have because ya know I love to make things complicated and design a million characters.

These are some of the sketch pages I did for the dog character, hes gunna be an evil little sausage dog(sorry this is defo not their proper name)who has sworn to defend the parents for yummy doggy snacks :) I found this quite hard to design but it's been really fun at the same time ...

week 2...character with the background...

This is the character put with the background just to get a feel for what it would look like. Obviously this isn't the final design for my background, but I wanted to sort of sort out the style I really liked. Recently I found a program called eliot kid and im totally fell in love with it its mega beautiful and its the style I was going for. I really like the contrast of the simple backgrounds and the characters having this heavy black line. I need to do some more work to get the style I want on paper but I definatly know what I want to do now. :)

This is ELIOT KID its super duper mega kinds of epic awesome...ahhhh makes me so happy :) sorry bout the small image, sadly its been quite hard to get images and these are the best quality ones i can get ....

..week 2 - background stufff 2

These are again my favourite tests of this other background I did, was reasonably happy with these also. I feel my work will change alot as I progress because im constatnly finding new things that I like and finding new ways of doing things.