Hoilday TIME!!

Me and Ieuan shall be going on holiday soon yay, so here is a doodle the wonderfully talented Ieuan Protheroe did and I coloured it in, think were gunna make some holiday sketchbooks so this may well be used for the cover.


Lego Simpsons and Wasps

So Lego simpsons!!!!who knew ??:O they are soo awesome these are the first two to be collected but they look super awesome i especially love the three eyed fish looks wicked!!

also here is a quick squigly page of some wasps lol went to a park for a nice picnic and instead of peace and relaxation of totally freaked out by these crazy creatures so thought I would draw this hheeheheh :D

Sketching YAY!!!

Yay soo I have a week off work and decided to take its easy breezy hehehe, had some random sketches lying around so thought I would add some colour to this little giraffe and here is a picture of some of the new additions to the moshi collection :D

Sarah and Duck Magazine!

Sarah and Duck have a magazine and its on sale at the moment!check it out if you can lots of fun puzzles and games and things and it has Toys too YAY!

Cute Field Mouse and Origami

Here is an attempt of an origami flamingo instead they kinda turned out like this kinda like it even though its not quite a flamingo, there was another attempt made so ill post that up another time! :)

Below is a cute field mouse that was discovered on the cliff side of Llantwit major was so cute but think he was scared of something in the long grass :O

Moshi Monsters!!

Yay new additions to the collection of Mooshi that is forever growing because they keep releasing more and more. Hopefully grab and image of all of them soon!

Happy Anniversary Sketchings!!

Woohooo Four years with the wonderful Ieuan so I did a quick doodle sketch :D


Here is the littlest lightbulb with a spark in his step :)


Here are some more concepts and character design I worked on at Animate and Create for a Christmas animation for Chivas, had lots of fun working on this one all the models were made from wood and had a spinning set. Check it out from the link below:

Fujitsu - Taking Paper Out

Here is a snippet of the artwork I created for an animation for Fujitsu which was made by Animate and Create. Check out the full feature on the link below:


Merry Christmas!!

Here is a little Christmas drawing of me and Ieuan with Finn and Jake. Happy Christmas Everyone!

Moshi's and Cake

 Here is a quick post I have been sketching away but want to get something all drawn up post sooo for now here are two new moshi monsters woopwoop heres pear and beaver  that have been officially added to the collection. Also you can see a gluten free lemon and poppyseed cake nom nom nom prerty yummy loaf cake.

Reach for the stars

Here is a little guy I drew while travelling to work taken me a while to get it all coloured up :D

Wales Trip!!

Well hello there cyber space, it seems my current employment has me very busy so I haven't had free time to get digitized drawings done, so here are some snaps from my trip to wales with Ieuan, the above is the new addition to our moshi monster collection, and this cute mushroom couple were found growing on the sandy beaches of Ogmore, this was definitely the last place I expected to see mushrooms.